Dear friends:

Hello! Very welcome you to join international thriving, become our member! We believe that in this charming evergreen stage, you will see different scenery, enjoy the wonderful life. Realize the "evergreen" hand evergreen, life the good wishes.

Evergreen international after more than ten years of development, now is the domestic large-scale and high position, idea of new private endowment enterprise, strong sense of responsibility of the society. Evergreen international enterprise culture takes the survival, to survive, the essential connotation of innovation, change and development, is the motive force that push group enterprising. Company strive to build 24 solar terms the space-time timeshare vacation endowment, 56 ethnic culture, customs, food depth experience tour, etc. In order to optimize the pension services, adhering to the "line was, kang raise world" service concept, create the superior travel environment and travel experience, allowing you to get rid of the limit of "one domain for one city", implement "evergreen, hand in hand walk landscape, tour the world". Is currently in the country base, scenic spot layout around the core joined more than 100 evergreen hotel, let you travel with a comfortable, quiet place to have a rest, the next two years, evergreen international acceptance all over the country will be 800-1000 evergreen to join in the hotel. At the same time, we will use 3 to 5 years to evergreen international expansion to the overseas, cultural tourism destination abroad building belongs to the evergreen directly scenic spots. By domestic tourism upgrade for the countries surrounding to swim, eventually extended to swim to Asia, Europe and even all over the world, tourism industry leading enterprises, both at home and for the member to provide convenient, comfortable, leisure services.

We know that on this journey of each progress and success, cannot leave your attention and participation, your support and trust, always be evergreen motivation. We never forget to beginner's mind, the "member first" service tenet, insist on good and do good!

·  To join the member way ·

·  Handle card program ·

(1) the applicant's id card/passport to evergreen designated agency to apply for to fill in "evergreen international membership card application form";

Signed after 

(2) to apply for review by the evergreen international diamond card members contract;

(3) in the designated place brush unionpay card or remittance to evergreen international special account to pay the membership fee and prepaid phone (opened after the membership card is dealt with on the net, can also be online payment);

(4) electronic information files on receipt, set the password, get the membership card;

(5) to handle the on-site validation and activate the membership card after success.

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